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Centre has Routers,Core Switches,Distribution Switches,Accees Switches, Unified Threat Management systems,WiFi Controllers, Web Servers, Domain Name Servers,DHCP Servers,Authentication Servers,Log analyzer,IP Phone Servers and video conferencing equipments . Institute has an extensive fibre optic network over the whole campus. The present campus network basically comprise of more than 20 kms of fibre optic cable backbone with around 80+ routed internal networks. The internet connectivity to the campus is through 3 links of total 5Gbps bandwidth(3Gbps+1Gbps+1Gbps). All the buildings in the campus including Hostels, Apartments,Director bungalow, Guest house, Technical Business Incubator and clubs are connected to CNC through fibre optic cable to provide internet connectivity. Other than wired net connection, most of the administrative and academic areas and residential quarters’ areas are covered with wireless net connectivity.

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